Friday, 23 August 2013

WebSite - West Park Chiropractic Clinic

I just realized today that I have never posted a follow up to my Site Preview post, well here it goes.

I made a major change in my plans, I originally completed the site using the Microsoft development stack (ASP.NET MVC 4) but I have since re-written it for a LAMP stack. I did it for a couple of reasons, to cut down on expenses (since I am already managing a Linux server for my girlfriend Sherri) and to learn more about Linux, firewalls and Apache as well (which is kind of fun).

It is now live, so feel free to check out my efforts at web design. Since I am an engineer I felt it best to show as little artistic talent as possible, so as not to needlessly hurt or maim any stereotypes in making the site.

Now I have a few main areas I'm continuing to improve upon as I get the time:
  1. applying Google's suggestions for search engine optimization
  2. formatting and design
  3. getting rid of some messy code that came with the original template
Still some work to be done, but we are online and gradually working our way up in the search statistics. Any help from my designer friends with item 2 on my list would be greatly appreciated; I've been trying out some different colour combinations but nothing is working for me.

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